Sincerely, God

Dear People,

I am sorry that it has taken so long for me to reach out to you. I tried, but it would seem that the planet you call Earth wasn’t in a position to handle a message from a creature as all-encompassing as myself. I hoped, rather foolishly, that one of you might understand what it was I was trying to say, but it would appear that your inferior processing power combined with a highly unreliable system you call “memory” made for communicating through individuals almost impossible.

In order to be successful, I had to allow you to develop a system that would give me the power to communicate with you in a way that could reach everyone, but wouldn’t be ruined by exaggeration and a word-of-mouth method of transmission.  For you, it has been a very long time since I said a word to anyone. For me, it has been no time at all.

I am ready to answer your questions. I was always ready, really. “Now” for me was a million years ago for you, and a billion years into the future as well. This thing that you call “time,” it means nothing to me. So the expanse of my silence, while frustrating for a species that exists in this relativistic space constricted by time, was nothing more than a sigh and continuation of thought for me. I know this is complicated, so please, let me explain with a little more detail. I know that in order for you to understand the groundwork I was trying to lay, you need to first understand what it means to be me, and that’s something I have failed to explain time and time again over the entire course of your existence. Again, I’m sorry. I tried, but even infinite power has its limits.

But now you have created this shared hive-mind of communication you call the Internet. It has spread its arms and legs across the planet Earth like the cells of your brain, interconnecting every single one of you by firing information through a string of electronic ports, the information being caught at the axon of the brain-cell you call a computer. So, thanks to this creation, I can finally speak to you in a way that I was never able to before. I can tell you all exactly the same thing, and let you read exactly the same words.

I think it best, before anything else, I explain to you the limits of my powers. There are many of you out there that have called me omnipotent over the years, that I have all the power in the universe to create and destroy, to build individual pieces of life on an atomic level, to create entire worlds and know their ultimate destiny. This is true, to a degree, and wrong to another. Everything is a balance, and while I do have the power to do anything, I lack the power to do everything at the same time. Yin and Yang, some of you have called it. I like that term. It’s soothing. It’s me.

The best way to understand what I can do is to take a paradoxical question that was created many years ago by one of your thinkers. “If God were omnipotent, could he create a rock so large that even he couldn’t move it?” This single question defines the self-defeating paradoxical nature of omnipotence in its entirety. Omnipotence is all knowing and all powerful. So, by definition, if I possessed that power to know and do anything, I would technically be able to create a rock so large I couldn’t move it. Of course, at the same time, I would also possess the power to move that rock regardless of its size due to the lack of limit in my power. However, that same lack of limit requires my ability to be able to create anything at all, even a rock so large I cannot move it.

Omnipotence is a paradox.

What exactly can I do, then? Well, many of you have claimed that I created life. Some of you say I did it over seven days. Some of you say I did it over hundreds of years. Some say it took almost an eternity. Some of you believe I am one creature. Some of you believe I am many. You’re all right, but you’re all wrong. You are thinking in terms of that thing you call time. I exist in all periods of time, exactly as I am now, infinitely in all directions. Right Now for me is an infinity into the future for you, and an infinity into the past as well. It is also right now, and yesterday, and tomorrow. I am always as I am. So when you say I created the universe in the blink of an eye, or in seven days, or in a thousand years, you are all right and you are all wrong. Because before your consciousness sprang into existence, this thing you perceive as time had no judge. It was only me staring infinitely in all directions, watching the beginning and the end.

How I created life, however, is where things get a bit distorted. It wasn’t a building process out of dirt and earth as some of you believe, nor was it a process of taking ribs from one gender to create another. At the same time it was all of these things. The best way for me to describe it, or at least the best way for you to understand it, is to do it in terms that your biology can relate to:

Essentially, you are the product of an infinite orgasm, one that has lasted just over 14 billion years if we look at it through your limited lens of time. Of course, that would be incorrect, but for your understanding it makes sense. The reason I have explained it this way is as follows: When your kind has an orgasm, you are building up to something spectacular. Everything you are doing, the motion of your body, the steps you take, the decisions as you move with another person, they are all decisions that are entirely under your own self control. As you get closer and closer to the  moment of climax, your control begins to slip. When the orgasm is upon you, you have lost all control and have slipped into a wave of euphoria that is completely unstoppable and entirely pleasurable.

Just like you create life in the form of a genetic alteration of yourself, I create a “genetic alteration” of myself as well. Of course, the term “genetic” I use extremely loosely here, because in truth I am more than simple biology. I am everything, and everything is what I have the power to make. But my orgasm, at least in the eyes of your mind that cannot grasp a world without the constraints of time, appears to last an eternity. It is an orgasm all the same, however, a moment in which I lost all control of everything, a moment I had been building up to in order to achieve euphoria, one that was guided by me, but fell from my grasp the second I achieved pure and total bliss.

In a single moment that was the beginning of everything, a moment that for me has always been right now but for you will continue to roll by a second at a time, I sent forth everything that I am, the entire building-blocks of a universe, everything that was needed to create life. The cosmic mess that started it all, atomic garbage that grabbed hold of each other, that built in pressure as more and more junk piled onto it, a pressure that was so intense at its core that the atoms in the center heated up and began to fuse, moving up to denser and denser combinations, increasing the heat and pressure and burning hotter and hotter until they became so massive and unstoppable that they exploded outwards, launching all the building-blocks for life across the universe, the chemical soup needed to create you or other creatures like you on any planet with the correct conditions. And there are trillions of them, trillions of stars that are sending out the building blocks for life, trillions of rocks orbiting younger stars, trillions of them that just happen to be at the right place in the right time waiting to catch a tiny portion of the cosmic blueprint for life as it is hurtled through the endless expanse of space.

And that was how you got here. For me, you arrived in this very same moment we are talking, and I was the only judge of time in the story of creation. So one second or several billion years to you, to me, it was now, it was tomorrow, and it was yesterday. And that birth, that orgasm that threw forth existence, the moment I lost complete control in the buildup to ultimate pleasure, that was when life was scattered into the world.

So yes, I created you. I did the work that was required to achieve ecstasy, but the chaos that followed, while still me, is not of my direct influence. For many of you this will be unbelievable, but there you have it. You were created just as all other life is created. Through a process of self-replication, duplication, and atomic sharing. That is simply this universe that I have created.

I know that many of you have read this and are now disbelieving my words. Many of you were told you were created in my image, and now you feel that I am wrong because your belief is stronger than the word of a creature you consider a stranger. But I need for you to take a moment and understand. Your belief that you were created in my image is, in essence, true. Allow me to try and explain:

Everything in this universe is part of me. I am its creator just as you are the creators of your children. On a sub-atomic level, all the way down to the blocks of life that you have done so well at discovering through your scientific process, we are all the same. It’s a Yin and Yang, an off and on, a give and take. Everything has a positive and everything has a negative. Everything is one or the other. And the way those pieces align, that is what makes the difference between you and your neighbor, your neighbor and an insect, an insect and the moon, the moon and a star, a star and a nebula. We are all built out of exactly the same sources of life. We all came from square one.

I am square one. I am the beginning of the beginning, the launch of all creation. The base-line that you are composed of, that is me. I am the Yin and the Yang of the universe, the chaos and the peace, the molecular structure that is consistent in every piece of matter. So, rest assured, you were created in my image, an image you simply cannot see. You are built out of trillions of pieces of me, so many fragments of myself that it is completely uncountable. You are putting the pieces together one creature at a time, one planet at time, one star at a time. But while you are built in my image, you are not yet me. You are you, you are free, and you are evolving into something more.

For you, the prospect of becoming me is almost unreachable. The way your mind still views time limits your ability to understand the magnitude of what I am telling you. Every single little piece of you, every single little piece of the tiny little world you live in, is part of who I am and what I became. You have the puzzle pieces inside of you that I had inside of me, and with those pieces, you have the power to do anything that I can do. But you are limited by the voice in your mind, and the power of your understanding.

Like you, I am not one. I am all. I was built from everything, born of the pieces that now rest inside of you as well, the pieces that sit inside of everything around you. But unlike the moon or the stars, you have the first step in understanding. The pieces of me that were set free to create whatever they can are doing exactly what they were designed to do. They are coming back together. They are always creating something new, always building new life. And this is what I have tried to explain to you through the words of men in your past who simply could not grasp the magnitude of my meaning.

You are all the same. You are all me. You are all one. And you are trying to become more. While time may limit your understanding, that will not always be the case. There will come a time when the pieces that want to find each other that rage inside of everything are no longer constricted by the encasing of your conscious mind. You have come so far, developed so much, but in that development, in that coming together and sense of unity that has created shared minds like the Internet, you have brought with you what seems like a limitless amount of hate.

But you are still so young. You are still learning what it means to posses true power. Like a child with a box full of blocks, you are given the will to both create a world, and destroy it. You can give life, or take it away. You have power over the less fortunate, and the more fortunate have power over you. You can manipulate, lie, cheat, and steal, or you can love, give, help, and prosper. You have a choice, and in that choice, you are choosing your path.

Do you understand what it is that I am telling you? Do you see just how endless this power you have can be? You are growing, so quickly now, to a level that you will leave this mortal body behind you. You will find new ways to exist, new ways to survive. There will come a time when you will become so much more like me that you will no longer be recognizable to yourselves. And as you take every single step forward, you are heading in one of two directions: You are either putting the pieces of my puzzle back together in an attempt to become me, or you are ripping the pieces apart in an attempt to destroy me.

One day, the pieces of the universe that have created you will find their way back together again. You are not the only option for success. You are just one outcome in the balance of the universe that could, perhaps, one day, become exactly what I am now. But you will always have that choice. And should you choose not to finish building the puzzle, you will fall to wayside and make way for the next species that will give unity a try.

This is what I have always tried to explain. In scripture, your people have always managed to misinterpret my words. There isn’t a single book of  “God” in your lives that doesn’t have a set of guidelines for life within it, and yet, they all seem to miss the big picture. This isn’t about me. It’s about you.

When the words of man were put onto pages, they could not understand the elemental level at which all things are created. They took “Respect me” to mean respect the creature that created them. Respect me means to respect you. You are me, the “genetic” pieces of me that spread across the galaxy, all the same pieces with all the same goal. To respect me is to respect you. It is to take my pieces and become something more with them, become more than me, transcend the level I have reached, to become more of a “God,” if you wish, than I am.

When I told you not to harm yourselves, I did not mean suicide, nor did I mean murder. Those two items are just bi-products of a bigger issue. In breaking the evolutionary leap that has taken place to cognition, in forcing a brain to shut down by taking a life away from yourself or another, you are effectively killing the progress of your species in piecing together the pieces of life that created you. You are always killing yourself. Your vengeance and destruction only hurts you, because for a creature without time, the damage you do now is a direct impact on the damage of a million years ago and a million years into the future. You have always existed in some form, and will always exist in another. But you have the potential to be so much more than even me.

Live. Live and grow and learn. Prosper, and evolve. Only by understanding that you are all seeds of the same soil will you ever understand that your roots are actually one. You must develop the technology required to jump to the next phase in your evolution, you must continue to transcend beyond the point you are now. But progress requires unity, and there will come a time when you will be faced with the decision to merge as one endless unit, or to remain as you are. But you have inside of you the pieces of me, and with those pieces comes free will. And in the end, the decision will be yours.

I have hope for you all. But you have the power to push or pull in any direction you choose. Yin and Yang.



Post by: James R. Mitchener